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Sign Up for WPS Text Messages

Did you know Winchester Public Schools uses BrightArrow to send text messages directly to families with important information, including weather-related school closures? 


1. Confirm that your child's school has the correct phone number in PowerSchool. You can confirm this by calling the school Registrar and/or by reviewing your contact information in the Powerschool Parent Portal forms. It may take 24 hours for numbers to be changed or added to the district database.                                                                                                 

2. The school may notify via email before sending the opt-in
text. Once you open the text, simply reply YES to opt in
and receive future texts. You can also opt-in anytime by
sending YES to 79041. Your phone number must be on file
with the school to receive future text messages (see 1 above). After opting in, BrightArrow will confirm your enrollment.

*If you are uncertain as to whether or not you have already opted in, simply repeat the opt-in process above. There is no harm in sending the opt-in message more than once.

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