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AP Enrollment, Testing Increase at JHHS

At its October 8, 2018, work session, the School Board was presented with findings on the major jump in Advanced Placement (AP) class enrollment and students taking AP tests.

Brian Wray, Director of Secondary Instruction, reported that WPS has seen a 49% increase in high school AP students between 2017 and 2018, from 161 to 241. There was also a 68% increase in AP exam participation, with 337 tests taken in 2017 compared to 566 in 2018.

A breakdown of each AP subject revealed that there were more students enrolled in each class than those taking the AP exam for that subject. Not satisfied with the enrolled-versus-tested ratio, School Board member Erica Truban questioned if the courses were sufficiently rigorous and asked how more students could be encouraged to take AP exams.

Although “there is still work to do,” Superintendent Jason Van Heukelum said AP testing and class enrollment is a "great trajectory,” and he is hoping for a 95% testing rate among AP enrolled students.