PEAP Program

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    Welcome to PEAP!  PEAP stands for Personalized Early Acceleration Program.    During the 2019-2020 school year, the PEAP program will be piloted with students in Kindergarten, first and second Grade.  This program will be a multi-age classroom apporoach.

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PEAP Mission Statement

  • PEAP is committed to a multi-age accelerated format that focuses on relationships between teachers, parents, and students.  PEAP promotes foundational skills using a growth mindset through personalized learning in a thriving child-centered community. The PEAP program aspires to develop 21st-century learners who will become lifelong citizens able to reach their full learning potential.

    PEAP will do this by:

    • Implementing individual goal setting

    • Creating non-competitive classrooms

    • Utilizing a developmental approach to learning

    • Building classroom communities that promote student choice and voice

    • Maintaining high expectations through a rigorous curriculum design

    • Positively impacting social and emotional experiences for children through structured play and collaborative problem-solving.