PEAP Program

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    Welcome to PEAP!  PEAP stands for Personalized Early Acceleration Program.  PEAP is a multi-age program that serves first and second grade students at John Kerr Elementary School.

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PEAP Mission Statement

  • PEAP is a multi-age  learning community that focuses on relationships between teachers, students, and their families.  PEAP promotes the development of foundational Math and Literacy skills using a growth mindset through personalized learning in a student-centered environment.

What is PEAP?

  • PEAP is:

    • a personalized learning model that allows flexibility in work situations, activities, and grouping of students.

    • a place where students will be encouraged to collaborate with, tolerate, and accept their PEAP peers regardless of age or grade level.

    • a 1st-2nd grade program with 4 teachers who will work collaboratively to meet the needs of all PEAP students.


    PEAP is:

    • NOT grade level specific.

    • NOT designed to push students through a grade level at an accelerated pace.

    • NOT only for students who are below grade level


What Are the Benefits of the PEAP Model?

    • Students have the opportunity for leadership roles within the PEAP family.

    • Long term relationships with teachers and peers in a multi-age setting.  

    • Students have more time to develop foundational skills in Math and Literacy while learning at their "just right" pace. 

    • PEAP fosters a sense of community among both teachers and students as they share the responsibility for learning.

    • Students have the opportunity to work with broad ranges of knowledge, skills, and classroom experiences.