• I. NAME OF ORGANIZATION The name of this organization shall be John Kerr Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization, hereafter referred to as JKES PTO, or PTO.

    II. GENERAL PURPOSE The purpose of the JKES PTO is to provide support to, and communication with, parents, teachers, students, administrators, and the surrounding community.


           a. To foster a cooperative relationship between parents, teachers, support staff, and school administrators.

           b. To encourage family participation within the school.

           c. To encourage families to volunteer in school and/or on WPS committees.

           d. To plan and carry out special events, of which all monies raised will be used to directly benefit the school and students.

           e. To keep informed about the school’s educational programs and WPS strategic goals.

           f. To respond to family concerns.

          g. To respond to JKES teachers/staff concerns.

          h. To communicate with the Principal.

          i. To encourage community awareness.

          j. To encourage communication between the school and the citizens of the community.

    IV. LIMITATIONS In order to protect the rights of individuals and ongoing educational programs, the JKES PTO agrees to abide by the following limitations:

          a. It shall prohibit the use of incentives for students to participate in house to house sales. It will not sponsor or participate in fund raising activities which, in its opinion, encourage or promote house to house sales by students.

          b. It shall not violate the WPS’s personnel agreements, contracts, policies, or interfere with the professional performance of the school staff.

          c. It shall not infringe on the legal rights of individual students, groups of students, teachers, parents, or community.

          d. It shall not become involved in, or interfere with, specific curriculum decisions unless the WPS or school requests input.

          e. It shall not directly, or indirectly, participate or intervene in any way (including the publishing or distributing of statements) in any political campaign on behalf of, or in opposition to, any candidate for public office.


          a. General meetings shall be held on a regular basis with a minimum of four per year. The dates will be determined by the PTO Executive Board and posted in the school calendar.

          b. All meetings will be posted in the school newsletter or other means, when possible.

          c. The President of the PTO will conduct the meetings. If the President is unable to attend a meeting, the next ranking officer shall conduct the meetings.

          d. The President, as necessary, may call special general meetings.


         a. Voting members of the PTO include the following:

                  i. Adult family members of students currently enrolled in John Kerr Elementary School

                  ii. Teachers and staff of John Kerr Elementary School

                  iii. JKES PTO Executive Board members, excluding the PTO President and Principal

         b. Each voting member has the right to one vote.

         c. Each voting member has the right to propose motions.

         d. Motions are passed by a simple majority vote.

         e. Proposed Amendments will be forwarded in writing to the PTO general membership no less than 30 days prior to next General Meeting.


        a. To attend meetings.

        b. To elect PTO officers in May of each year.

        c. To participate in school activities, committees, events, fund-raisers, and educational programs sponsored by the PTO.

        d. To provide input and vote on expenditures of funds earned by the PTO.

        e. To share ideas and concerns relating to PTO sponsored events.

        f. To review and approve the by-laws at the first meeting of each year.


        a. The elected offices of the JKES PTO Executive Board shall consist of/rank as follows:

              i. President

              ii. Vice President

              iii. Secretary

              iv. Treasurer  

              v. Grade Level Representatives for Pre-K through 4th grade and ELL. These positions will have equal rank.

          b. All of the above positions can be co-chaired.

          c. Non-elected position, Principal, serves as Advisor to PTO/Board

          d. All elected officers must have a child currently enrolled in JKES School.

          e. Nominations will be accepted for all of the above listed positions prior to the election of office at the May PTO General meeting. No person shall be elected to an office without his or her consent.

          f. Election of officers shall be conducted by written ballot or voice vote at the May PTO General meeting by a simple majority vote.

          g. Newly elected officers of the JKES PTO shall assume the responsibilities of their offices July 1.

          h. In the event any current elected officer no longer has a child enrolled at John Kerr Elementary School, for any reason, said officer will be considered to have resigned, and that Executive position will be considered vacant. The vacant position can be filled according to the provisions listed below.

          i. Any vacancy occurring in an office shall be filled, for the remainder of the term, by a person(s) elected by a simple majority vote of the PTO Executive Board.


          a. All officers are expected to attend scheduled Executive Board and General Membership meetings.

          b. The Executive Board has the power to act in an emergency without the consent of the PTO General members.

          c. The Board may vote to allocate non-budgeted funds of $250.00 or less without bringing the request to the General Membership meeting for approval, not to exceed $750.00 per fiscal year.

          d. All Executive members have the right to propose motions.

          e. All officers, with the exception of the President and Principal, have the right to one vote.

          f. To review and approve the budget and by-laws at the first meeting of each PTO term.

         g. To collaborate with active councils and committees working within the school.

         h. The Executive Board shall identify persons(s) to perform a biannual examination [audit] of PTO financial records and said person shall prepare written, signed results to the PTO Board.

         i. No Board member shall be allowed to perform said examination [audit or review] of PTO financial records; it must be independently prepared.

         j. Upon completion of term, turn over all relevant documents and information to incoming Board members.

    THE PTO EXECUTIVE BOARD PRESIDENT The President should be willing to: Responsibilities

         a. Conduct all PTO Executive and General Board meetings.

         b. Confer with the Principal prior to all meetings.

         c. Prepare agenda prior to meetings.

         d. Attend WPS meetings, as necessary.

         e. Create upcoming school year calendar with Principal and Board members.

         f. Coordinate elections of Board members.

        g. Coordinate summer budget meeting.

        h. In August, find a member of PTO general membership to perform an examination of PTO financial records; and said parent to prepare a statement for presentation to the Board.

        i. Vote only to break any ties on motions.

        j. Co-sign all checks from JKES PTO checkbook.

    VICE PRESIDENT The Vice President should be willing to: Responsibilities

        a. Conduct PTO Executive and General Board meetings in the absence of the PTO President.

        b. Assist the President with duties as needed.

        c. Take and distribute meeting minutes when the Secretary is absent.

        d. Be timekeeper at the PTO General Membership meetings.

    SECRETARY The Secretary should be willing to: . Responsibilities

        a. Record minutes of the Executive Board meeting and distribute to Board members.

        b. Record minutes of the General Membership meeting and distribute to Board members.

        c. Make meeting minutes available for the JKES website.

        d. Coordinate media coverage of PTO sponsored events.

        e. Prepare and distribute PTO promotional flyers.

        f. Coordinate information for monthly school newsletter.

        g. Coordinate membership information list and database.

        h. Provide information to Webmaster or individual(s) responsible for maintaining and updating school website, as it pertains to PTO news, information, and events.

    TREASURER The Treasurer should be willing to: Responsibilities

        a. Responsible for checking/savings account.

        b. Receive and deposit all money.

        c. Pay out funds in accordance with the approved budget or as authorized by the Executive Board.

        d. Prepare, along with the Executive Board, the yearly budget for the new school year.

        e. Present budget and financial report to the Executive Board and General Membership meetings for approval.

        f. Keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures.

        g. Prepare year-end financial statements for audit.

    Grade Level Representatives (Representative for each grade: Pre-K through Fourth Grade and ELL) The Grade Level Representatives should be willing to: Responsibilities Work as a conduit of information between grade level teachers and Executive board Work with teachers to assess their needs Communicate with room parents be an advocate for that grade level.

    X. SPECIAL COMMITTEES The Executive Board of the PTO may form standing committees, as necessary, to carry on the work of the PTO organization.

         a. These committees will include, but are not limited to:

              i. Fundraising groups, working to raise money for PTO expenditures/accounts.

              ii. Community building groups, whether they are raising money or not.

              iii. Service-oriented groups, which do not work to build PTO funds.        

        b. These committees shall:

             i. Coordinate special events.

             ii. Report progress at PTO Executive and General Membership meetings, as requested by the Executive Board.

            iii. Submit reports to Executive and General Membership upon completion of the project/event.


         a. Removal from office may occur by a majority vote of the Executive Board (including the President).

         b. A Board member could be subject to removal at any such time that he or she fails to perform assigned duties, is corrupt, or any act/behavior that brings dishonor to, or negates, the purpose and/or goals of this organization.

         c. Removal shall take place only after the board has met in an effort to assess and discuss the problem and all attempts have been made to resolve the problem.