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    John Kerr Music

    John Kerr Music


    Music Education is an integral part of every child's education.  Participating in music class promotes the development of focus, confidence, language skills, and academic achievement in other subject areas.  Practicing music also builds teamwork, collaboration, communication skills, leadership skills, and creativity.

What Are We Learning in Music?

  • Kindergarten
    exploring instruments, singing together as a class, keeping a steady beat, high/low sounds, four voices

    1st Grade
    exploring music, playing song games, describing music using adjectives and feelings, playing barred instruments, reading rhythms, matching pitches

    2nd Grade
    singing melodies, percussion instruments, rhythms, describing musical performances, peforming circle dance

    3rd Grade
    evaluating/describing music, singing/reading melodies, barred instruments, rhythmic patterns, line dances

    4th Grade
    singing independently, reading rhythms, reading/singing melodies, evaluating/describing musical performances, recorders

Our Music Teacher

  • Terry Harrison

    Ms. Terry Harrison
    Music Teacher