• 3D Printers are useful tools that can create designs from different types of plastic filament.  ABS and PLA are the two types that we use in the Makerspace.  PLA is the one that we use most due to its ease of use. 

    The 3D printing process can be broken down into three main parts; Setup, Design including file export, and Printing inclulding slicing and file structure. 

    Setting up the printer includes leveling the print bed and loading the filament.

                                        Leveling Print Bed

                                        Loading filament


    The next step is to design a project using a CAD program.  There are many, but we mostly use Tinkercad.  You can login using your Google login from school. 


    Here you can design anything you can imagine.  It can be as simple or difficult.  It depends on the amount of effort and work you are willing to put into it.

                                       Tinkercad Instructional Video


    Finally, once you have created something in Tinkercad, you need to send the file to Mr. Hoffman in an email.  Your email should include the file and the reason you need your creation printed.  Is it for a class project, is it a learning project for you, is it for another school purpose?

    Click the export button in Tinkercad, then click the .stl file.  This will put the file in your download folder. 

    Now send a school email to Mr. Hoffman and attach the file with your explanation.  

    Visit the library to check on the progress, approval, and creation.