• April 2021

    A lot has changed over the last month! Here are updated pictures of the rear entrance, Presentation Forum, Anatomy & Physiology Lab, Front Office area, Nurse Aide classroom, and outdoor patio. Also included is a new picture of the Community Cafe area & a sneak peek of furniture for the Synapse Hubs. Lastly, equipment is beginning to be delivered!

  • March 2021

    This month the Academy Signs were hung and a lot of ceiling work was completed. An updated picture of the Nurse Aide Lab & rear entrance/elevator is included as well.

  • February 2021

    This month work was being completed on the Carpentry classroom, Community Cafe, Mezzanine & the East Entrance. A picture of the construction of Welding Booths is included as well.

  • January 2021

    This month work was being completed on the Front Main Entrance, and Back Exterior Entrances, as well as the Outdoor Learning Space. Pictures of the Anatomy & Physiology Classroom, Community Cafe & Presentation Forum are also included.

  • November 2020

    This month we are completing the mezzanine, the rear, front, and side entrances, and working on the nursing wing. Pictures are located below.   

  • October 2020

    This month we are completing the installation of walls, interior skylights, hanging plywood paneling, polishing floors, and finishing the roof work. The west entrance addition is going up, as is the front addition. Pictures are located below.    

  • May 2020

    This month we are completing metal framing of walls and the skylights. We are installing mezzanine bar joists and level 1 ductwork. We've started plumbing rough in under slab sections B&C and are continuing site work. 

  • April 2020

    This month we are continuing work on interior masonry infills, and we are redesigning main utility control rooms. We are beginning to rough-in interior walls and laying out interior instructional spaces. We have also completed some exterior hardscape removal.

  • February 2020

    This month we are working on masonry demolition and infills, relocating fiber optic lines, preparing to fence the work site, and our engineers are finalizing the redesign of our HVAC system.