Frequently Asked Questions

  • FAQ image Why is this initiative important to Virginia students, parents, educators and job creators?

    The future of work is changing.
    More than ever, modern jobs require workers who can successfully combine strong content knowledge with the skills it takes to apply that knowledge in a real world environment. The changes Virginia is making to public education will ensure that a high school diploma is a promise to students and their future employers that they are ready to succeed in the working world.

  • Virginia's 5 C's

  • Critical Thinking

    Creative Thinking



    Community Engagement

  • Who is participating in this initiative?

    The Virginia Department of Education is the home of the Virginia is for Learners initiative, which is a broad partnership of state and local education agencies, advocacy organizations across the Commonwealth and the Virginia business community. Every partner is dedicated to supporting the changes Virginia is making to Pre-K-12 education and educating the public about how they will benefit students and our economy.

    If these changes are underway, why is this initiative necessary?

    Thanks to the work of the General Assembly, the Virginia Board of Education and several past administrations, Virginia has modernized how it delivers Pre-K-12 education. This initiative is the Department of Education’s way of educating students, parents, educators and the business community about what those changes are, how they fit together, and what we hope they will achieve for students and our economy.

    What are the 5 C’s and why are they important to the future of education?

    A key component of Virginia’s new education approach is preparing students with the skills they need for successful adult lives. In addition to strong content knowledge, schools and educators will focus on cultivating the following skills in students so that they are ready to apply their education in real-world environments: critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, collaboration, community engagement.

    How does Virginia is for Learners relate to the Standards of Accreditation?

    Virginia is for Learners is the Commonwealth’s initiative to educate Virginians about changes that have been made to Pre-K-12 education in order to better prepare students for what comes next after graduation. One of those reforms is a new way of evaluating how well schools are meeting the demands of a modern economy.

    Virginia’s new Standards of Accreditation for school performance place new emphasis on cultivating real-world skills, eliminating achievement gaps for minority students and incentivizing continuous improvement. In combination with the other Virginia is for Learners reforms, the new Standards of Accreditation ensure that every school is focused on what matters most: Cultivating the skills and knowledge students need to thrive after graduation.