Field Trips

  • Students may have an opportunity to participate in school-sponsored field trips to reinforce instruction.  While on a field trip, students will be under the supervision of school personnel or designees, and all school rules and regulations will apply.  Parents/guardians will be advised of any field trip prior to its occurrence.  Please check the yes blank on the Parent Permission Form for Student Involvement (received in the first week packet) if your child is allowed to participate in field trips under these conditions.  Students are expected to participate in field trips as part of their academic curriculum.
    Students who have exhibited unsafe behaviors may be kept at school as determined by the principal. A parent may be requested to escort a child in order for the student to attend the field trip, also. 

    All participants on field trips function under school policies and regulations.  

    We encourage parents to join students on most field trips.  Occasionally, the staff may not request assistance.  Siblings of students won’t be transported with the school on grade level trips. School Board policy requires background checks for participation as a volunteer field trip chaperone if children will be out of sight of school personnel.