Breakfast/Lunch Programs

  • All enrolled students at John Kerr Elementary School are eligible to receive a healthy breakfast and lunch each day at no charge this school year!  You do not need to send in money or complete a form in order to receive this meal.  A la carte items will be available for purchase in the cafeteria.  A la carte items can not be purchased if there is no money provided at the time of purchase.  No “charging” of a la carte items will be allowed.   

    Cafeteria Rules

    We strongly discourage soft drinks in school lunches for our students. We appreciate the support of our families as we work toward developing healthy students. In addition to school rules, simple lunchroom rules and expectations allow our students to enjoy their lunch with friends in a healthy environment, while maintaining appropriate social distance:

    • Wait until you are called to get your lunch or breakfast.
    • Use good table manners.
    • Talk softly, always.
    • Eat your own lunch and do not share food with others.
    • Stay seated.
    • Raise hand if help is needed.
    • Keep feet quietly under seat and out of the aisle.
    • When you are finished, stay in your seat.
    • Leave eating space as clean as possible.
    • Replace face covering at the conclusion of the meal.
    • Throw trash away in large classroom trash can.

    Adult Menu Prices

    Breakfast: Adult = $2.00    

    Lunch: Adult = $4.00