History of JKES

  • The school was named for the first public school benefactor in Winchester, Mr. John Kerr, a prosperous cabinetmaker, whose shop was located at the northeast corner of Boscawen and Loudoun Streets on the mall.  He died on November 15, 1875. In his will, he arranged for funds to be used for the education of the children of Winchester. In 1883, City Council added $6000 more to this total, and the John Kerr Public School building was erected. 

    In 1972, the second John Kerr School was built on Jefferson Street behind John Handley High School. The original John Kerr building, at the corner of Cameron and Cork Streets, continues to serve hundreds of students each year as a facility for Shenandoah University fine arts and other special interest classes for learners of all ages. 

    The current John Kerr School opened August 2016, and is located on Meadow Branch Avenue on the western side of Winchester.

    COLORS:  Blue and Red               MASCOT:  Cardinal

JKES Mission and Credo


    Learning for All, Whatever It Takes


    We believe that to accomplish “Learning for All, Whatever It Takes,” students, parents and educators must be committed to their individual role responsibilities.  Each role is unique and critical to effective teaching and learning with our public schools and is necessary to promote consistent and positive development in our students.  Further, we believe that positive interactions among us all are essential and must be characterized by:

    • Mutual respect and trust
    • Pride in our schools and community
    • Commitment to high expectations
    • Acceptance of personal and public responsibility
    • Commitment to quality teaching and learning both in and outside of the classroom
    • Active, open and meaningful communications among all participants
    • Nurturing and caring relationships for all
    • Excellence in our respective roles
    • Receptiveness to new ideas
    • Confidence gained from the acquisition of knowledge and skills