Inclement Weather Plans

  • In the event of bad weather (snow, ice, etc.) Winchester City Schools will do one of three things: (1) close schools, (2) open schools late (delayed opening), (3) dismiss early:

    1. School Closing – On any morning when ice or snow has fallen, listen for announcements concerning school closings on all local radio stations, television channels NBC4 Washington, WJLA ABC7, WUSA9, WHSV TV-3 Harrisonburg, or the Winchester Public Schools website ( or instant alert.

    2. Delayed Opening – In situations where the Superintendent feels that road conditions may change sufficiently to make travel safe later in the morning, he will announce a delayed opening. This may be a delay of one or two hours. Please note the following schedule:
      • One (1) Hour Delay 
        • Bus schedules are followed exactly one hour later than normal.
        • Regular afternoon dismissal times remain unchanged.
        • Breakfast and lunch will be served.
      • Two (2) Hour Delay

        • Bus schedules are followed exactly two hours later than normal.
        • Regular afternoon dismissal times remain unchanged.
        • A Grab and Go breakfast will be available for students.
        • Lunch will be served.
    3.  Early Dismissal – If weather conditions grow steadily worse during the school day, the Superintendent may close the schools early. If conditions are severe early in the day, a 1:00 dismissal is likely. If the conditions are not serious by mid-morning, but get worse as the day progresses, children will be dismissed as early in the afternoon as the buses can arrive.

    Again, please listen to the radio if it is likely that weather conditions could cause transportation problems for the City Schools. Please be sure that you have informed the office and your child’s teacher of dismissal procedures in the event of an early dismissal.