Birthday Policy

  • The safety and wellbeing of our children is of utmost importance at FDES. This year at FDES, we are asking that you not send in treats on your child’s birthday. Instead, each class will have a Birthday Celebration Day. This will be the last Friday of every month and will celebrate all birthdays for that month.

    On that last Friday, specified parents (designated by the teacher) will provide a birthday treat for the entire class. This treat will be packaged from the store, not homemade, so ingredients can be verified. Parents of students with food allergies will need to provide a snack for their child on the last Friday of each month.

    This policy will limit the number of sweets coming into classrooms each week and will help to prevent problems for our students with food allergies. We will continue to wish students a Happy Birthday on the morning announcements, as well as giving them a birthday certificate and Birthday Book from Mrs. Downey.

    Thank you for your cooperation!