• Perfect Attendance 
    Perfect attendance is defined as a student who has been in school every day. Tardies do not affect perfect attendance and excused partial day absences do not affect the attainment of perfect attendance. However, any time a student is not in school, even for an hour, valuable instructional time is missed. Please contact the school at 540- 662-7656 to report the reason for your child’s absence. If the school is not contacted, the absence will be unexcused. 

    A student will be considered tardy in attendance if he/she arrives after the tardy bell at 7:50. Excessive tardiness may warrant a meeting to be scheduled with parents and principal or designee. When your child is tardy, an adult must come into the office and sign the child in. 

    Returning to School After Absent 
    If you have a doctor’s note, please send it to your child’s teacher the first day the student returns to school. 

    Changes in the end of the day transportation arrangements must be made prior to 2:00 p.m. Please be sure to call the office prior to 2:00 p.m. if there is a change in how your child will travel home. Students will not be permitted to remain at school after dismissal time unless they have permission from their parents and are participating in an activity supervised by an adult. 

    Leaving School During the Day 
    For your child’s safety, a student will not be released from school for any reason unless a note from the parent has been sent or the parent has contacted the school. Students may not return home for forgotten items (books, lunch, gym shoes, etc.) without the permission of the principal.

    School Schedule 
    The school doors open at 7:250; the instructional day begins at 7:50. Our tardy bell rings at 7:50 and it is expected that all students will be in their classroom at that time. 
    7:25 Building opens to bus students, car riders and walkers. 7:50 Tardy bell