• DM Campus Makerspace

    The Daniel Morgan Campus has created a Makerspace for students in a designated portion of the school library.  The purpose of this space is to encourage creativity, allow for individual curiosity, and to expose students to technologies and activities that they may not otherwise get an opportunity to explore.  The Makerspace includes numerous learning stations including arts and crafts, sewing machines, virtual reality, 3D printing, vinyl cutting, broadcasting, movie editing, gardening, and silk screening just to name a few.  There are also opportunities to learn computer coding using Ozobots, Rasberry Pi, Arduino boards, and flying drones coded with arduino boards and C++.  It will be available to all students throughout the course of the year both on a self serve basis as well as with a class for specific tasks or projects.  Trainings will be held for students so that they may earn badges which will enable them to visit the space and work at a desired station on their own without direct supervision from the Makerspace facilitator.  Students will also be asked to sign a contract which will specify code of conduct and care for the materials and machines that they will be manipulating in order to ensure that this endeavor is sustainable.  

  • Sewing Corner The Makerspace has sewing machines for students to use on projects or just for personal use.  Creations have included things like models of a cell and a dog bed for a favorite teacher's new puppy.