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Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Environment Science from Wilson College M.A. Education & Curriculum Design from University of Mississippi

Ms. Jess Wysopal

Upon graduating from college, I joined the Peace Corps and spent several years in Niger, West Africa, farming at the bottom of the Sahara desert and learning to live like a local.  When I returned to the United States, I spent some time working in horse training barns so I could really improve my riding and training skills, but eventually went to graduate school to become a teacher.  

In 2005, I started my teaching career in Mississippi.  After a few years there, I returned to my hometown in Hampshire County WV to teach.  One of the great things about teaching is that it is a very portable job and has allowed me to teach in different schools and different environments as my life circumstances changed over time.  In my time teaching since 2005, I've taught at Hampshire High School, Clarke County High School and Frederick County High School before starting at John Handley in 2022.  I love kids and their enthusiasm.  If I can get them to go "wow" over something in science and want to know more about it, then I consider it a good day.  

I still farm and am connected to the land outside of school.  That hasn't changed over the years.  I still keep and ride horses and I own my own farm now where we grow and sell cut flowers.  This is what keeps me fresh and rejuvenates me, so I'm able to come back to teaching with a smile each day and be a good teacher for my kids.