Miss Gretchen Gensemer

Phone: 540-667-7171 ext. 75184


Degrees and Certifications:

BSE in Elementary and Early Childhood Education Virginia certification in: Middle Grades Math, with endorsement in Algebra I Middle Grades English Elementary Education

Miss Gretchen Gensemer



This is my fourth year teaching at DMMS, but my 21st year overall.  I teach Math 8A, which includes some standards from 7th grade math along with all 8th grade math standards.

I previously taught 8th grade math and Algebra I in Accomack County, which is on the Eastern Shore.  I have also taught 6th grade math in North Carolina as well.

I look forward to working with you and your child this year.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

  • Expectations/Syllabus


    Math 8A Curriculum Map


    • Parents, please have your child check google classroom for notes videos and due dates for work they have received for the second half of unit 9 -- Consumer Math.  They are to be working independently both in class and at home to complete the notes and work.  I will be checking in with students during class to ensure they are understanding the content, while also giving them the opportunity to ask questions.


    Parents, please encourage your student to charge his/her chromebook at home so it is ready to use when they come to school in the morning.  Also, they need to bring their chargers to school daily.

     IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL MATH 8A STUDENTS AND PARENTS:  Students in the Math 8A classes will be taking the 8th grade Math SOL in May, not the 7th grade test (our focus is on the 8th grade standards, with a few overlapping 7th grade standards woven in -- see the curriculum map link above for more specific information).



    Student work:

         Please speak with your son/daughter about the importance of turning work in on time.  I have noticed quite a few students not turning assignments in.  They have, per school policy, two weeks from the original due date to turn said assignment in before a grade of zero becomes permanent.  These zeros have quite a negative impact on student grades, so it is important that they turn everything in.  I have used the analogy that practice riddles and other assignments are like batting practice for their brains.  If they play a sport of musical instrument, they would not think of playing in a game or concert without practicing their skills first.  Math homework does the same thing -- strengthens their skills.  They must also include their name on their work -- this is becoming a more widespread problem as the school year goes on. 


    *** I am seeing some issues with students coming to homeroom late.  The tardy bell rings at 8:18, so they must be in their seats before the bell rings at that time.

    Per the Student/Parent handbook, page 90:

    3.15 Tardiness
        Supervision of students begins at 8:00 on a regular school day. Students are encouraged to arrive at school at 8:00 and no
    later than 8:10 in order to be prepared and on time for their first class. Students are considered tardy if they are not in
    their homebase class by 8:20.
              A. A student will be considered tardy in attendance if he/she is late in arriving at school at the designated time. The
    parent/guardian is responsible for contacting the school if a student is tardy. Excessive or chronic tardiness will be
    considered a violation of the parent’s or guardian’s responsibility to ensure the regular and punctual attendance of a
    student. If tardiness continues after notification of the parent or guardian by the school principal in a conference held
    with the parent or guardian, the school administrator may initiate civil action as allowed under Virginia School Code.
              B. All tardies caused by late school buses are excused, but the student must check in with the attendance office before
    going to class.
              C. Students are allowed a reasonable transition time to change classes. If more time is taken, the student is considered
    tardy unless a note is written from the previous teacher or a school official to excuse the lateness.
              D. The fourth accumulated unexcused tardy to classes or home base may result in disciplinary consequences. The
    accumulation of tardies will terminate at the end of each quarter.