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††††††††††† †Students are required to conduct themselves on school buses in a manner consistent with established standards for classroom behavior.


††††††††††† The school principal may suspend or revoke the riding privileges of students and/or take other disciplinary actions for students who are disciplinary problems on the bus.† Parents (or guardians) of children whose behavior and misconduct on school buses violates the Student Code of Conduct or otherwise endangers the health, safety and welfare of other riders shall be notified that their child/children face the loss of school bus riding privileges and/or other disciplinary actions.


††††††††††† If a studentís riding privileges are suspended or revoked, the studentís parents are responsible for seeing that their children get to and from school safely.


††††††††††† The bus driver is responsible for maintaining the orderly behavior of students on school buses and shall report misconduct to the studentís principal and provide a copy of the report to the transportation office.




March 17, 2003, Revised August 17, 2009_____________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________


Legal Refs.:††††† Code of Virginia, 1950 as amended, sections 22.1-78, 22.1-176, 22.1-181,

††††††††††††††††††††††† 22.1-293(B), (D)


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