School Year


            The length of the school year will be at least one hundred eighty (180) teaching days or nine hundred ninety (990) teaching hours.  Days on which a school or schools or all the schools in the division are closed due to severe weather or emergencies will be made up as provided below if necessary to meet these requirements.


Make Up Days


            If severe weather conditions or other emergency situations result in the closing of a school or schools or all the schools in a school division for:



If severe weather conditions or other emergency situations result in the closing of any school in a school division and such school has been unable to meet the 180 teaching day requirement, the school division may make up the missed teaching days by providing its students with instructional hours equivalent to such missed teaching days to meet the minimum 990 teaching hour requirement.


The Board of Education may waive the requirement that the school divisions provide additional teaching days or teaching hours to compensate for school closings resulting from a declared state of emergency under certain circumstances.  If the School Board desires a waiver, it will submit a request to the Board of Education.  The request will include evidence of efforts that have been made by the school division to reschedule as many days as possible and certification by the Division Superintendent and Chairman of the School Board that every reasonable effort for making up lost teaching days or teaching hours was exhausted before requesting a waiver.  If the waiver is denied, the school division will make up missed instructional time.


School Calendar


            The first day of school shall be after Labor Day unless the Board of Education waives this requirement based on the school board’s certifying that it meets one of the good cause requirements in the Code of Virginia, § 22.1-79.1.B.


            The School Board will establish the division’s calendar and teaching contracts in accordance with applicable regulations of the Board of Education to include contingencies for making up teaching days and teaching hours missed for emergency situations.


            An advisory committee composed of teachers, parents, and school administration may be utilized to recommend a proposed calendar to the Superintendent. The recommendation of this committee shall be considered advisory.


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School Day


                        The standard school day for students in grades 1 through 12 will average at least five and one-half (5 ˝) hours, excluding breaks for meals.  The standard school day for kindergarten is a minimum of three (3) hours).


            All students in grades 1 through 12 will maintain a full day schedule of classes (5 ˝ hours) unless a waiver is granted in accordance with policies defined by the School Board.


            Each elementary school shall provide students with a daily recess during the regular school year, as determined appropriate by the school.


            The secondary school class schedule shall contain a minimum of one hundred forty (140) clock hours for each unit of credit. When credit is awarded in less than whole units, the increment awarded must be no greater than the fractional part of the one hundred forty (140) hours of instruction provided.                       


            The time for opening and closing schools will be established by the School Board upon recommendation of the Division Superintendent, provided that the daily program for students in grades 1 through 12 will average at least 5 ˝ hours, not including meal intermissions.  If the required program length is maintained, the School Board may approve occasional shortened days for staff development, conferences, planning, and other activities designed to improve the instructional program, provided that no more than one day in each five-day week may be shortened to no less than four hours.  The daily program for kindergarten will be at least three hours, not including meal intermissions.


            When exceptions in the length of the daily program are necessary for special education, alternative education, double shifts, and scheduling of other unusual situations, the Board will request approval by the Superintendent of Public Instruction of the exceptions by August 1 preceding the school year for which they are requested.


            The length of the work day for employees will be determined by the school board.  It will be of sufficient length to allow for the daily program for students and additional time as may be necessary for such activities as planning, preparation, meetings, workshops, conferences, meal intermissions, or other contractual obligations.



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