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            The Winchester Public School Board may provide supplemental pay for graduate credit to professional staff that is enrolled in a bona fide graduate degree program.  A bona fide graduate degree program is one in which a person has been formally accepted in a required program of study that leads to a master’s degree, a certificate of advanced graduate study (CAGS), and/or a doctorate’s degree.  The graduate degree must be completed within five (5) years of formal acceptance into an approved program.  It is the individual’s responsibility to notify the Personnel Department if any credits expire before the graduate degree is attained.


            Professional staff shall receive supplemental pay upon completion of a master’s program, completion of a certificate of advanced graduate studies, or the completion of a doctorate’s program.  In order to receive supplemental pay for graduate credit, the individual should complete and submit form GCBBA-R GRADUATE CREDIT PAY PLAN along with official transcripts and a copy of the diploma to the Personnel Department by September 15.  Pay for credit hours reported by January 15 will be paid one-half of the scale value.




_January 20, 2003, Revised October 1, 2007__________________________________________