Careful consideration goes into deciding whether students can safely be transported to school on a snowy morning. Roads and sidewalks are inspected, and weather forecasts and outdoor temperatures are monitored. Information is then reported to the superintendent, who makes a determination about whether to cancel classes for the day. Should adverse weather conditions or other emergency necessitate a school schedule change, a variety of methods are used to notify parents and staff:

WPS Home Page: Check the Winchester Public Schools' home page for school schedule changes due to inclement weather and other emergencies.

SCHOOL MESSENGER: The school division's notification system. The phone call, text message and/or e-mail delivered to you will inform you of the most current information available at the time. MORE INFO

GO WPS! MOBILE APP: Get instant access to a variety of school and division-wide information, news and events on your mobile device. MORE INFO

The following television and radio stations also provide information on school closings and delays:

    NBC Channel 4
    WAGE Radio/1200 AM
    WAZW TV 48-not on cable
    WFTR/1450 AM/WZRV 95.3 FM
    WHSV-TV 3/TV3 Winchester
    WINC/WAPP 92.5 FM
    WJLA ABC Channel 7/News Channel 8
    WTRM/91.3 FM
    WUSQ/Q102.5 FM (covers 98.3, 99.3, 102.5, AM 610, AM 1515)

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