Activities and Games
for all 2nd grade SOLs
2.5 Habitats  2.7 Weathering, Erosion, Adaptations, Seasons
Just for kids! Habitats game Animal Quiz
Sheppard Software Local Habitats Teeth & Eating
2.2 Magnets Frog Habitats Animal Antics
Millionaire Game Interdependence Hibernate or Migrate??
Magnets PopUps Different Habitats Animal Adaptations
All about magnets Who lives here? Adaptations Rags to Riches
Another Millionaire Game Design a panda habitat Monarch Migration
Practice Quiz Animals and their Habitats Fish Adaptations
Vocabulary Match Coral Reefs Camouflage
Habitats Seasons
2.3 Matter Magic School Bus Habitat game Animal Needs
Matter Battleship Forest Habitats
All about MATTER! 2.8 Plants
Changing States 2.6 Weather Plant mystery
Magic School Bus - Weather Plant needs
2.4 Plant & Animal Cycles Weather Wiz Kids Plant parts salads
Frog life cycle Severe weather quiz
Growing a garden
Butterfly life cycle
Monarch Butterfly Madness