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    CAO JHHS DMMS FDES JKES GQES VACDES Jefferson St Center Cafeteria Custodial Transportation


    Bryant, Nan Director of Elementary Instruction
    Cain, Angie Pre-K Coordinator
    Campbell, Kristen Human Resources Generalist
    Clements, William Supervising Network Engineer
    Collins, Janet Food Services Clerk
    Curry, Laurie Food Services Coordinator
    Eaton, Barbara Secretary - Instruction
    Griffy, Meghan Senior Accountant
    Hayes, Sarah Senior Accountant
    Hedrick, Pam Web Programmer/Software Administrator
    Hicks, Scott Network Engineer
    Hurst, Sharon Secretary - HR Receptionist
    Johnson, Brenda Food Services Clerk
    Joyner, Doug Student Support Services Coordinator
    Kish, Sarah Director of Special Education
    Longerbeam, Jo Ann Payroll Clerk
    Matthias, Christopher Coordinator of Operations
    McBride, Aaron Director of Technology
    McKew, Kevin WPS Capital Projects
    McKiernan, Judy Student Support Specialist
    Miller, Rick Director of Finance
    Minnick, Melissa Secretary - Special Education
    Montini, Kandi Student Information System Manager
    Morris, Rodney SPED Coordinator
    Nel, Angelique Network Engineer
    Newman, Christopher Coordinator of Instructional Technology & Testing
    Orye, Kay CTE Secretary
    Peterson, Kimberly ESOL Program Coordinator
    Robertson, Jimmy Coordinator of Innovation, CTE & Business Partnerships
    Saville, Tiffany Administrative Assistant
    Shernick, Sandy Human Resources Generalist
    Shobe, Beth Secretary - Operations and Records
    Smith, Ed Director of Operations
    Smith, Pat Senior Accountant
    Spencer, Shannon Secretary - Instruction
    Stickley, Bonnie Executive Assistant/Clerk of the Board
    Strosnider, Candy Data Systems Support Specialist
    Traynham, Hortencia Pre-K Family Engagement Coordinator
    Tuttle, Kristen Director of Human Resources
    Van Heukelum, Jason Superintendent
    Woodward, Charles Computer Technician
    Wray, Brian Director of Secondary Instruction


    Adams, Elizabeth Instructional Resource Teacher
    Alger, Teresa Secretary
    Anderson, Joshua Teacher
    Armstrong, Cami Teaching Assistant
    Badman, Emily Teacher
    Bailey, Deborah Instructional Resource Teacher
    Balio, Cosmo Teacher
    Banton, Connie Teacher
    Banton, Corey Teacher
    Blend, Robin Teacher
    Bostick, Danielle Teacher
    Brady, Deborah Psychologist
    Bundrick, Bo Assistant Principal
    Cain, Emily Intervention Remediation Teacher
    Cameron, Karri Teacher
    Campbell, Rhonda Teacher
    Campbell, Shane Teacher
    Canada, Anne Assistant Principal
    Cary, Toni Coordinator Tranisition Service
    Casella, Carla Teacher
    Catrow, Stacey Teacher
    Cavalier, Jessica Teacher
    Clark, Cathleen Teacher
    Clemsen, Byron Teacher
    Clevenger, Barbara Instructional Resource Teacher
    Cobb, Lisa Assistant Principal
    Cole, Lindsay Teacher
    Conde, Holly Teacher
    Cordrey, Casey Teacher
    Courtenay, Penelope Teacher
    Crockett, John Teacher
    Darling, Allison Teacher
    Darlington, Kristen Teacher
    Davis, John Teacher
    Delamatta, JoEllen Teacher
    Dengler, Kimberly Teacher
    Devening, Andrew Guidance Counselor
    DiGiovanni, Alli Teacher
    Dobry, Natalie Career Coach - LFCC
    Dowrey, Derek Teacher
    Dudley, Andrew Teacher
    Dufrene, Michael Principal
    Dyke, Erin Teacher
    Echelberger, Eric Teacher
    Ek, Brad Computer Technician
    Evans, Annette Secretary
    Felicio, Nancy Teacher
    Finley, Donald Student Support Specialist
    Foltz, Deborah Teacher
    Foltz, Matthew Teacher
    Ford, Kimberly Teacher
    Foster, Julie Teacher
    Friend, Star Teacher
    Gage, Crystal Teacher
    Gale, Lawrence Teacher
    Gallant, Janine ESOL Teacher
    Gasper, Randall Teacher
    Gaynor, James Teacher
    Gaynor, Laurie Teacher
    Glahn, Windy Teacher
    Glossner, George Teacher
    Glossner, Stacy Treasurer
    Gowdy, James Teacher
    Green, Laurel Teacher
    Hall, Joe Teaching Assistant
    Hall, Tina Teacher
    Hargis, Kirsten Teaching Assistant
    Harrison, Doug Teacher
    Hartman, Erin Instructional Resource Teacher
    Hartman, Jordan Teaching Assistant
    Harvey, Marti School Resource Officer
    Haston, Dennis Instructional Resource Teacher
    Hawkins, Bobbie Assistant Principal
    Hopkins, Kye Teaching Assistant
    Howells, Adam Teacher
    Johnson Hamm, Nadine Teacher
    Jones, Daniel Teacher
    Jones, Randi Teacher
    Kelleher, Nora Teacher
    Keller, Jeffrey Teacher
    Kelly, Jessica Teacher
    Kerr, Shelly Guidance Counselor
    King, Helene ESOL Teacher
    King, Helene Teacher
    Kogut, Julia Teacher
    Labrozzi, Stacie Teacher
    Lamb, Drew Teacher
    Langston, Sarah Teacher
    Law, Gloria Teacher
    Lee, Caitlin Instructional Resource Teacher
    Lilly, Rick Activities Director
    Long, Tammy Teaching Assistant
    Lovelady, Larry Teacher
    Lynch, John Teacher
    Marker, Michelle Teacher
    Martin, Mary Anne Teacher
    McKiernan, Michael Teacher
    Mellott, Nancy School Resource Officer
    Middelhof, Ileana Teacher
    Miller, Jacob Teacher
    Miller, Jennifer Instructional Resource Teacher
    Morning, Jill Teaching Assistant
    Mungavin, Amber Guidance Counselor
    Myers, Dennis Instructional Resource Teacher
    Napenas, Dominik Intervention Remediation Teacher
    Neufer, Akiko Accompanist
    Newcome, Timothy Teacher
    Oravec, Penny Technology Resource Teacher
    Orndorff, James Teacher
    Paine, Zachary Teacher
    Pantoja, Fernando Teacher
    Penland, Michelle Secretary
    Perkins, Wendy Teacher
    Pitts, Edie Teaching Assistant
    Poole, Catherine Teacher
    Portillo, Stephanie ISAEP Teacher
    Postupac, Cody Teacher
    Putnam, Sharin Library Media Specialist
    Ray, Joyce Nurse
    Rayburn, Tony Teacher
    Reese, Mary Nurse
    Richmond, Carmen ESOL Parent Liason
    Robb, Thomas Teacher
    Rosier, Todd Facility Supervisor
    Rush, Carl Teacher
    Sabatino, Laura Teacher
    Sager, Tom Teacher
    Sakas, Karlena Teacher
    Sanders, Holly Teacher
    Saunders, Katherine Teacher
    Schaefer, Ann Marie Teacher
    Schroeder, Gary Teacher
    Scott, David Teacher
    Sheaffer, Jacob Teacher
    Shiflet, Mary Jane Secretary - Guidance
    Shipp, Connie Teacher
    Siraguse, Michael Teacher
    Stallard, Kelly Teacher
    Stewart, Bart Physical Therapist
    Straka, Stephanie Teacher
    Stump, Fay Library Media Specialist
    Swartz, Benjamin Teacher
    Szallay, John Teaching Assistant
    Talley, Macheldon Teaching Assistant
    Thompson, Carmen Guidance Counselor
    Timmons, Marc Teacher
    Toton, Jason Teacher
    Tracy, Stephanie Teacher
    Unger, Barbara Secretary/Registrar
    Vanover, Mackenzie Teacher
    Walther, Deborah Teaching Assistant
    Washington, Faye Secretary
    Williams, Brian Teacher
    Williams, Virginia Teacher
    Wilson, Jacqueline Teacher
    Wingfield, Patrick Teaching Assistant
    Wood, Matthew Teacher
    Zimmerman, Amy Guidance Counselor


    Abdelkader, Khadija Teacher
    Abell, Gregory Teacher
    Adams, Debra Instructional Resource Teacher
    Ail, Christopher Guidance Counselor
    Alger, Elizabeth Teacher
    Anderson, Ann Instructional Resource Teacher
    Arbogast, Barbara Teacher
    Atkinson, Allen Teacher
    Bailey, Lauren Teacher
    Baker, Julie Librarian
    Baker, Tara Teacher
    Beeman, Debra SPED Coordinator
    Beyrau, Martha Teacher
    Biddle, Carmen Teacher
    Blevins, Tracey Teacher
    Blowe, Dennis Teacher
    Bondi, Jordan Teacher
    Bosse, Christopher Teacher
    Brim, Elizabeth Instructional Resource Teacher
    Brown, Jenifer Teaching Assistant
    Brumback, Aimee Teacher
    Buerkel, Mary Teacher
    Burton, Amanda Teacher
    Cannon, Brandy Teacher
    Carpenter, Jill Teacher
    Carter, Jonetta Teaching Assistant
    Cesnik, David Teacher
    Cooper, Kelly Teacher
    Cornish, Mary Cate Teacher
    Countryman, Mindi Teacher
    Crout, Rachael Teacher
    Crowe, Jill Teaching Assistant
    Cusick, Eric Guidance Counselor
    Dalessio, Danielle Teacher
    Davis, Jared Teacher
    Dayo, Fransha Nurse
    Dearth, Sherie LD Specialist
    DeCicco, Denise Teaching Assistant
    Delmerico, Miranda Teacher
    Dorsey, Brian Teacher
    Duvall, Mary Technology Resource Teacher
    Egnew, Victoria Teacher
    Eicher-Beard, Brenda Teacher
    Entwisle, Amy Teacher
    Eversole, Tina Psychologist
    Fasano, Christine Teaching Assistant
    Filppu, Laura Teacher
    Fisher, Carol Teacher
    Ford, Rubieleen Administrative Assistant
    Gavello, Maggie Teacher
    Gensemer, Gretchen Teacher
    Getaz, Kendra Teacher
    Glatzel, Gustavo Teacher
    Golladay, Gerry Computer Technician
    Goodson, Seam Teaching Assistant
    Graham, Madison Guidance Intern
    Grove, Thomas Teaching Assistant
    Grzywacz, Stephanie Assistant Principal
    Guyton, Adrienne Teacher
    Hahn, Ashley Teacher
    Haines, Ashley Teacher
    Harasyn, Christopher Teacher
    Hawkins, Daniel Teacher
    Heskett, Gina Teacher
    Hill, Brooke Guidance Counselor
    Himelright, Sandra Teacher
    Hodgin, Laura Teacher
    Hoffman, Jason Library Media Specialist
    Hogan, Shelia Lead Custodian
    Hoover, Jenn Teaching Assistant
    Horton, Annette Instructional Resource Teacher
    Hudson, Margaret Teacher
    Hughes, Pamela Teacher
    Johnson, Charryse Secretary/Registrar
    Johnson, Martha Teacher
    Kelly, Lisa Teacher
    Kendall, Kevin Teacher
    King, Karen Guidance Counselor
    Kuykendall, Denise Nurse
    Lane, Sarah Teacher
    Largent, Melissa Teacher
    Latimore, Kandice Guidence Counselor
    Lemmon, Robert Teacher
    Levi, Rachel Teacher
    Livesay, DeeDee Division Instructional Specialist
    Llewellyn, Taylor Teacher
    Lupton, James Teacher
    MacPherson, Tamara Teaching Assistant
    Mammano, Elizabeth Teaching Assistant
    Marshall, Milissa Teacher
    Martinez Villa, Ana Administrative Assistant
    Mason, Kimberly Instructional Resource Teacher
    McGuire, Amy Teacher
    McHale, Katherine Teacher
    Meeks, Justin Teacher
    Milburn, Jodi Teacher
    Miller, Eric Teacher
    Miller, Todd Teacher
    Mills, Michael Teaching Assistant
    Mitchell, Bryce Teacher
    Mondell, Timothy Teacher
    Mongan, Kevin Teacher
    Morgan, Shanita Teaching Assistant
    Nelson, Haley Teacher
    Nemitz, Mary Teaching Assistant
    Nichols, Jennifer Teacher
    Noll, Norie Assistant Principal
    Noyalas, Brandy Teacher
    Oakes, Heather Teacher
    Peterson, Gillian Teacher
    Phillips, Ashley Teacher
    Pifer, Kimberly Instructional Resource Teacher
    Poole, Tina Teacher
    Post, Gerard Teacher
    Putt, Jerry Principal
    Ramey, Jessica Instructional Resource Teacher
    Reed, Jeffrey Teacher
    Reed, Stephanie Teacher
    Reid, Erika Administrative Assistant
    Riggleman, Kristi Teacher
    Roark, Matthew Assistant Principal
    Robertson, Renee Teacher
    Rupp, Paula Division Instructional Specialist
    Ryman, Brandon Teacher
    Sabol, Michelle Speech Language Pathologist
    Sallee, Sean Teacher
    Schain, Jeremy Guidance Counselor
    Schain, Katy Teacher
    Scott, John Teaching Assistant
    Sherman, Linda Instructional Resource Teacher
    Small, Matthew Teacher
    Smith, Cynthia Teacher
    Snyder, Kristen Student Support Services
    Sperka, John Teacher
    Stamberg, Barbara Teacher
    States, Jeremy Teacher
    Staubs, Kelly Teacher
    Sterner, Sharon Teaching Assistant
    Stevens, Pamela Teacher
    Stoner, Lori Teaching Assistant
    Studebaker, Sara Teacher
    Summers, Jessica Secretary
    Tanis, Ashleigh Teacher
    Tavenner, Brian Teacher
    Thompson, Annie Teaching Assistant
    Thompson, Michelle ESOL Teacher
    Tilling, Janice Teaching Assistant
    Turner, Elizabeth Physical Therapist
    Turner, Regina Teaching Assistant
    Uhlir, Peter Teacher
    Van Alsburg, Ann Teacher
    Vanderwater, Michael Teacher
    Vann, Deborah Teacher
    Vaughan, Jennifer Teacher
    Volinsky, Nan Teacher
    Walker, Gina Teacher
    Washington, Crystal Teacher
    Waters, Wanda Teacher
    Weir, Michael Teacher
    Wheeling, Alicia Teacher
    White, Debra Teaching Assistant
    White, Elizabeth Teacher
    Williamson, Brenda Teaching Assistant
    Wilson, Margaret Teacher
    Wright, Bailey Teaching Assistant
    Wyatt, Tina Treasurer
    Yost, Stacey Teacher
    Young, Claudia Teaching Assistant
    Zamitiz, Nohemy ESOL Parent Liason
    Zeff, Lisa Teacher


    Bailey, Megan Reading Specialist
    Baker, Kimberly Teacher
    Barr, Jessica Teacher
    Bousquet, Ingrid Secretary
    Buchanan, Britni Teaching Assistant
    Carpenter, Maggie Teacher
    Carper, Jennifer Teacher
    Catlett, Susan Teacher
    Cusick, Joy Teacher
    Dawson, Laura Teaching Assistant
    Delaney, Margie Teacher
    Demarest, Linda Teaching Assistant
    Downey, Stephanie Principal
    Estevan, Maria Teacher
    Evans, Kristin Teacher
    Gerometta, Natalie Family Support Specialist
    Godoy, Marianne Teacher
    Grimmell, Taylor Teaching Assistant
    Homan, Gretchen Teacher
    Hott, Amanda Teacher
    Hyson, Janelle Teacher
    Jones, Bob Technology Resource Teacher
    Joyner, Martha Nurse
    Justison, Nicole Teaching Assistant
    Kazepis, Bonnie Instructional Resource Teacher
    Knick, Lisa Teacher
    Lawson, Danielle Teacher
    Litherland, Farrah Teacher
    Lofton, Mechele Teacher
    Madden, Rodney Teacher
    Maestle, Melissa Assistant Principal
    Mathias, Katherine Teacher
    Matovu, Jackie Teaching Assistant
    Matthews, Marjorie Teaching Assistant
    McKee, Christine Behavior Support Specialist
    Miller, Sandy Secretary/Registrar
    Miller, Tonya Teacher
    Mossholder, Jessica Teacher
    Pollak, Kimberly Library Aide
    Redmon, Mary Instructional Resource Teacher
    Rey, Natalia ESOL Parent Liason
    Rojas, Andrea Teaching Assistant
    Rose, Justine Student Support Specialist
    Ross, Monica Teaching Assistant
    Rucker, Holly Teacher
    Rutan, Margaret Teaching Assistant
    Ryman, Cristy Teacher
    Salazar, Delia Teaching Assistant
    Sirbaugh, Donna Teaching Assistant
    Stahler, Verena Teacher
    Stock, Amy Teacher
    Trimmer, Jonelle Librarian
    Troxel, Leslie Teaching Assistant
    Turley, Paula Teacher Hearing Impaired
    Vanderwater, Joelle Teacher
    Westman, Jessica Teacher
    Zaras, Grace Teacher
    Zombro, Beverly Teacher


    Armistead, Chiffon Secretary/Registrar
    Banks, Cynthia Teaching Assistant
    Berry, Erika Teacher
    Blase, Elizabeth Teacher
    Brancato, Ann Teacher
    Budnyk-Putt, Emily Teacher
    Burdette, Gina Teaching Assistant
    Busch, Caroline Teacher
    Campbell, Shannon Teacher
    Campbell, Thomas Lead Custodian
    Carey, Kelly Librarian
    Chambers, Nancy Teaching Assistant
    Champ, Cathryn Teacher
    Clemons, Ch'Loris Teacher
    Covarrubius, Jeanette Teaching Assistant
    Croyle, Jennifer Teacher
    Dowell, Christopher Teacher
    Duvall, Stephanie Teaching Assistant
    Earhart, Caroline Teacher
    Earnhardt, Elizabeth Instructional Resource Teacher
    Eversole, Tina Psychologist
    Evy, Laura Principal
    Ford, Jessica Teacher
    Frye, Courtney Teacher
    Funkhouser, Kaitlyn Teacher
    Furman, Amanda Teacher
    Gale, Penelope Teaching Assistant
    Gates, Samantha Teacher
    Glaize, MaryBruce Instructional Resource Teacher
    Gomez, Heather Teaching Assistant
    Gordon, Michelle Instructional Resource Teacher
    Granholm, Jessica Teacher
    Grossi, Julie Teacher
    Gyurisin, Wanda Teacher
    Hamric, Pamela Teacher
    Headley, Emily Teacher
    Hoke, Ashley Teaching Assistant
    Hutchinson, Tanesha Teaching Assistant
    Jaster, Amy Teacher
    Jones, Bob Technology Resource Teacher
    Joyner, Roberta Teacher
    Keelor, Mary Teaching Assistant
    Kretchman, Amy Teacher
    Krietz, Zachary Teacher
    Kucinich, Carleigh Teacher
    Kulton, Buffie School Psychologist Intern
    Largent, Melissa Teacher
    Levett, Katheryn Teacher
    Mann-Tenney, Lucinda Teaching Assistant
    McNamara, Christine Secretary
    Miller, Brittany Teacher
    Morgan, Kathleen Teacher
    Nail, Ginger Teaching Assistant
    Nelms, Missy Teacher
    O'Connell, Brooke Teaching Assistant
    O'Donnell, Beth Assistant Principal
    Petrella, Monica Teaching Assistant
    Rieger, Amber Teacher
    Roark, Cassy Teacher
    Rogers, Amy Teacher
    Sardelis, Warren Teacher
    Sargent, Tara Instructional Resource Teacher
    Savory, Margaret Teaching Assistant
    Shafer, Emily Teacher
    Shirley, Brandi Teacher
    Stainback, Patricia Teacher
    Stewart, Jane Teaching Assistant
    Stewart, Jean Teaching Assistant
    Stockley, Karen Teacher
    Svoboda, Joseph Teacher
    Thomas, Amy Teacher
    Thomas, Janis Guidance Counselor
    Turner, Stephanie Reading Specialist
    Westman, Galen Teacher
    Wetzel, Joan Teaching Assistant
    Wray, Erika Teacher
    Wurzburg, Bethany Teacher
    Yancey, Angela Teacher
    Young, Laurie Teacher


    Alger, Laura Teaching Assistant
    Beck, Carolyn Division Instructional Specialist
    Brockenbrough, Sarah Teaching Assistant
    Burke, Jennifer Instructional Resource Teacher
    Callis, Janet Instructional Resource Teacher
    Campbell, Heather Reading Specialist
    Cave, Teresa Teacher
    Christy-Davila, Amy ESOL Teacher
    Colson, Betty Instructional Resource Teacher
    Cunningham, Judy Secretary/Registrar
    Dalling, Beth Pre-K Professional Development Coach
    DeChristopher, Danielle Teacher
    Dempsey, Michele Excel Lead Teacher
    Deuel, Karen Nurse
    Dorsey, Sandra Teaching Assistant
    Dufrene, Holly Teacher
    Edwards, Lindsay Teacher
    Edwards, Richard Teacher
    Estep, Mandy Teacher
    Fitzwater, Callie Teacher
    Fleming, Luann Teaching Assistant
    Frye, Gary Teacher
    Funk, Jennifer Teacher
    Gano, Susan Teacher
    Grim, Connie Teacher
    Grove, Renee Teaching Assistant
    Guthridge, Nina Teacher
    Hobson, Nicole Teacher
    Hostetter, Jamie Teacher
    Householder, Joyce Teacher
    Hovatter, Joanie Principal
    Jenkins, Nancy Teaching Assistant
    Johnson, Patricia Teacher
    Johnstone, Karan Teacher
    Kilby, Robert Teacher
    Lamb, Kathryn Teacher
    Lark-Rickard, Heather Teacher
    Lee, Deborah Intervention Remediation Teacher
    Legge, Rita Teaching Assistant
    Livesay, Joseph Assistant Principal
    Lockhart, Tara Teaching Assistant
    Long, Sharon Teaching Assistant
    Luden, Alexandra Teacher
    MacDonald, Brie Teacher
    Martin, Ellen Teacher
    Mason, Anderea Psychologist
    Mason, Diane Teaching Assistant
    McClanahan, Omali ESOL Parent Liason
    Meyer, Michaelene Coordinator of Gifted Services
    Michael, Athena Librarian
    Miller, Belinda Teacher
    Mogle, Tessie Teacher
    Morgan, Janice Secretary
    Mounts, Vicky Teaching Assistant
    Nolan, Claire Teacher
    Pence, Mary Instructional Resource Teacher
    Perreault, Rosy ESOL Teacher
    Pifer, Katie Instructional Resource Teacher
    Ramsey, Jenny Technology Resource Teacher
    Richards, Kaitlin Teacher
    Rouse, Robyn Teaching Assistant
    Rutherford, Kelly Teacher
    Salaam, Arethea Teacher
    Scott-Williams, Julianne Teacher
    Scully, Robin Teacher
    Shaw, Nina Teacher
    Shoemaker, Sara Guidance Counselor
    Simmons, Eddie Teacher
    Smith-Taylor, Lorraine Teaching Assistant
    Stahler, Seth Teacher
    Straight, Linda Library Aide
    Thompson, Deborah Teaching Assistant
    White, Kristin Elementary Math Specialist
    Williams, Diane Teaching Assistant
    Williams, Heather Teacher


    Ambrogi, Michele Teacher
    Amsler, Betty Teacher
    Auten, Adrian Teacher
    Badgett-Gonzalez, Joey Teaching Assistant
    Baker, Deena Teacher
    Baker-Anderle, Laura Teacher
    Beaudin, Melanie Teacher
    Borsi, Deborah Teaching Assistant
    Brito, Karen Instructional Resource Teacher
    Bucey, Scott Teacher
    Bush, Becky Teacher
    Carpenter, Maggie Teacher
    Chancey, Jan Teacher
    Chavez, Samuel Teaching Assistant
    Coffelt, Ann Teacher
    Coffelt, Ann Teacher
    Combs, Kristen Administrative Assistant
    Conaboy, Rebecca Teacher
    Constantino, Julie Teacher
    Cornish, Eric Teacher
    Cowsill, Alina Administrative Assistant
    Cranford, Elizabeth Guidance Counselor
    Davis, Elizabeth Division Instructional Specialist
    Davis, Octavia Teaching Assistant
    Dean, Kathleen Teacher
    Estes, Mary Teacher
    Fabin, Janet Teacher
    Fincham, Annette Teacher
    Genay, Tina Librarian
    Gilliam, Kierra Teacher
    Glover, Amanda Teacher
    Gould, Sara Teacher
    Harrison, Terry Teacher
    Hedden, Patricia Teacher
    Helsabeck, Patricia Teaching Assistant
    Hollins, Patricia Teacher
    Holthaus, Melinda Teacher
    Hurlbut, Kim Teaching Assistant
    Jackson, Kathleen Instructional Resource Teacher
    Jones, Anakristen Teacher
    Joyner, David Teaching Assistant
    Keeler, Sarah Instructional Resource Teacher
    Kidwell, Deborah Teaching Assistant
    Kutterna, Christopher Teacher
    Lawhorn, Ginger Nurse
    Lee, Shelly Teacher
    Madden, Michelle Psychologist
    Meadows, Thressa Teaching Assistant
    Meily, Kathryn Teacher
    Miller, Susan Teaching Assistant
    Mitchell, Kathryn Intervention Remediation Teacher
    Mondell, Daisy ESOL Parent Liason
    Musser, Heather Teacher
    Nail, Emily Teacher
    Newton, Ginger Teaching Assistant
    Nine, Angela Instructional Resource Teacher
    Nita, Sherry Teacher
    Northrup, Robin Teacher
    Peters, Rita Teacher
    Petsko, Michelle Instructional Resource Teacher
    Phillips, Troy Teacher
    Presgraves, Kelly Teaching Assistant
    Ramsey, Jenny Technology Resource Teacher
    Robertson, Lisa Teacher
    Rudolph, Stephanie Teacher
    Santos, Luciene Teacher
    Saupp, Gina Instructional Resource Teacher
    Schramm, Tamala Teacher
    Smith, Carolyn Teaching Assistant
    Smith, Carrie Teaching Assistant
    Sneddon, Sonja Teacher
    Storer, Valerie Teacher
    Thomas, Bev Assistant Principal
    Tobin, Jacqeline Teaching Assistant
    Von Fange, Kimberly Intervention Remediation Teacher
    Walker, Steven Teaching Assistant
    Waskow, Allison Teacher
    Wygal, Matthew Principal


    Burner, Robert Alternative Ed Teacher & Admin Assistant
    Butcher, Timothy Maintenance Technician
    Carpenter, Dwight Teacher
    Dodd, Kimberly Medicaid Coordinator
    Hamrick, Andrea Operations Specialist
    Kidwell, Shawn Maintenance Technician
    Massie, Jason Maintenance Technician
    Meade, Samantha Teacher
    Phillips, John Maintenance Technician
    Ralston, Paul Maintenance Technician
    Ratliff, Timothy Maintenance Supervisor
    Saville, John Computer Technician
    Scott, Ron Maintenance Technician
    Spore, Timothy Maintenance Technician
    Stoner, Michael Maintenance Technician
    Volger, Karen Instructional Resource Teacher
    Webb, Hank Maintenance Technician
    Wilfong, Bobby Maintenance Technician
    Zirkle, Meredith Alternative Education Teacher

    CAFETERIA (System)

    Adkins, Carolyn Cafeteria Worker
    Anderson, Libby Cafeteria Manager
    Ball, Winter Cafeteria Worker
    Barton, Jennifer Cafeteria Worker
    Bowman, Juanita Cafeteria Worker
    Braithwaite, Jo Ann Cafeteria Worker
    Brill, Kay Cafeteria Worker
    Bullis, Mike Cafeteria Floor Manager
    Buracker, Doreen Cafeteria Floor Manager
    Burton, Laura Cafeteria Worker
    Clowser, Tamitha Cafeteria Floor Manager
    DeHaven, Caroline Cafeteria Manager
    Dellinger, Thelma Cafeteria Worker
    Ferrebee, Karen Cafeteria Worker
    Fillinger, Melissa Cafeteria Worker
    Funk, Carol Cafeteria Worker
    Grayson, James Cafeteria Worker
    Grim, Connie Cafeteria Worker
    Kline, Jordan Cafeteria Worker
    Lamaster, Debra Cafeteria Worker
    Lewis, Sharon Cafeteria Worker
    Link, Susan Cafeteria Worker
    McIntire, Myretta Cafeteria Monitor
    McMechan, Tracy Cafeteria Worker
    Meade, Doris Cafeteria Manager
    Miller, Becky Cafeteria Manager
    Nail, Betty Cafeteria Worker
    Nelson, Darla Cafeteria Monitor
    Pals, Patricia Cafeteria Worker
    Pollard, Eva Cafeteria Manager
    Reaves, Kimberly Cafeteria Worker
    Reynolds, Tammy Cafeteria Manager
    Robinson, Tina Cafeteria Worker
    Santamaria, Gabriela Cafeteria Worker
    Shifflett, Kristen Cafeteria Worker
    Short, Wanda Cafeteria Worker
    Stinson, Armando Cafeteria Truck Driver
    Stinson, Teresa Cafeteria Worker
    Symons, Ava Cafeteria Worker
    Tran, Loan Cafeteria Worker
    Underwood, Audrey Cafeteria Worker
    Whitacre, Linda Cafeteria Worker
    Williams, Misha Cafeteria Worker
    Winfield, Clara Cafeteria Worker

    CUSTODIAL (System)

    Adams, Linda Custodian 12 Month
    Anderson, Karen Custodian 10 Month
    Ashby, Ronnie Custodian 12 Month
    Bachman, Dave Custodian 12 Month
    Bageant, Timothy Custodian 12 Month
    Baker, Susan Custodian 12 Month
    Bauserman, Kevin Custodian 12 Month
    Beamer, Ray Custodian 12 Month
    Braithwaite, Corinna Custodian 10 Month
    Carden, Luther Custodian 12 Month
    Carlisle, Thomas Custodian 12 Month
    Chorapinova, Miglena Custodian 10 Month
    Combs, Nancy Custodian 10 Month
    Crittenden, William Custodian 10 Month
    Crutchfield, Allen Custodian 12 Month
    Dean, Randy Custodian 12 Month
    Dyke, James Custodian 12 Month
    Foreman, Scott Custodian 12 Month
    Guzman, Raymond Custodian 12 Month
    Kanotus, David Custodian 12 Month
    Lafollette, Roland Custodian 12 Month
    Lambert, Charles Custodian 12 Month
    Lanvender, Henry Custodian 12 Month
    Mariana, Popova Custodian
    Mason, Helen Custodian 10 Month
    Ruiz, Maria Custodian 10 Month
    Santos, Paula Custodian 12 Month
    Spears, Shannan Custodian
    Summers, Rosalyn Custodian 10 Month
    Turner, Diana Custodian 12 Month
    Turner, Terry Custodian 12 Month
    Tuyova, Nadka Custodian 10 Month
    Wallace, Teresa Custodian 12 Month
    Webb, Tammy Custodian


    Allen, Dwight Bus Driver
    Andersen, Lisa Bus Driver
    Ashton, Luann Bus Driver
    Breeden, Terry Bus Driver
    Brown, Margaret Bus Driver
    Burgess, Deborah Bus Driver
    Burke, Donna Bus Driver
    Churchward, Janet Bus Aide
    Cox, Dora Bus Driver
    Dailey, Geoffrey Bus Driver
    Dick, Samuel Bus Driver
    Dodson, Andrew Bus Driver
    Elliott, Bonnie Lou Bus Aide
    Franklin, Anna Bus Driver
    Frye, Sharon Bus Driver
    Grundman, Dennis Bus Driver
    Hamilton, Keith Bus Aide
    Hammond, James Bus Driver
    Hill, Richard Bus Aide
    Hosby, Glenn Bus Driver
    Hudson, Emily Transportation Administrative Assistant
    Jenkins, Linda Transportation Clerk
    Kales, Marci Bus Aide
    Kennett, Joanna Bus Driver
    Martin, Randolph Bus Driver
    Mason, John Bus Driver
    Mason, Sandra Bus Driver
    McCauley, Henry Bus Driver
    McDaniel, Jill Bus Driver
    Moreland, William Bus Driver
    Morgan, Debra Bus Driver
    Olsen, Angela Bus Driver
    Parker, Angel Bus Driver
    Parson, Heidi Bus Driver
    Scott, Debbie Transportation Clerk
    Sibert, Gary Bus Driver
    Summers, Lonnie Bus Driver
    Titus, Brenda Bus Driver
    Walter, Donna Bus Aide
    Washington, Webster Bus Driver
    Wease, Paul Bus Driver
    Whittington, Sherry Transportation Coordinator
    Wilfong, Bonnie Bus Aide
    Winstead, Linda Bus Driver
    Zeigler, Angela Bus Driver

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